A True Paw-fessional 💼

I’ve been pondering something a lot today, and so I thought I might as well put it to the group…

What I want to know is: if your cat was a human, what do you think their job would be? :eyes:

For example, my Kenny LOVES the great outdoors, and he’s also a huge fan of fish (he’s still not forgiven me since I broke the news about Splash!), so I reckon that he would totally be a fisherman, or at least work on the fish counter at Waitrose. :fish:

Your turn - if you had to give your cat career advice, what would you say? :paw_prints: :briefcase: :necktie:


Can’t help thinking there would be a LOT of competition for this role… but Mr Rochester would be interviewing for KatKin’s in-house feline philosopher…

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I love that idea, pardon my pun but I think he’d make a wonderful feline philoso-FUR :joy_cat: