Carpet Scratching

Our cat Oscar has always enjoyed scratching our carpets but since we got a new stair and landing carpet he has moved up to a new level of destruction. It is particularly bad overnight and when we are out. We have tried a couple of sprays and the Feliway is pumping out around the house but to no avail. Any hints, tips or advice on how we could dissuade him would be most welcome. Thanks.

Hi Campat, does Oscar have his own scratching post or doormats that he’s okay to scratch? I have a few scattered about for my cat Reggie and that keeps him away from our new sofa (unless he wants food then I think he does it on purpose to get my attention! :scream_cat:) Maybe if he has his own brand new mat he’ll prefer getting his claws into that rather than the new carpet? :yellow_heart:

Hi Emma. Thanks for that. Oscar does have scratching poles but he prefers the carpet but the mats are great idea. He loves to scratch the front door mat so we will be out today to get a couple more. Thank you so much for the tip.

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You’re welcome! Glad it helped. Nice to give him some variety. :yellow_heart: