Cat-aholics Anonymous 💛

We’re really feeling the cat love this Sunday - please raise your hand if you’re a little bit in love with your cat! :raised_hands:t3:

What we’d like to know today is: what’s your favourite thing about your cat?

Perhaps it’s the way they expectantly stare up at you whilst you get their KatKin pouch out of the fridge…maybe even the way our KatKin Sprinkles sometimes get caught in their whiskers, making you wonder if it’s snowing out - the list is endless!

I personally love how my Kenny is a little weirdo - and I mean that in the best possible way. His morning chirrup, the way he simultaneously pushes me away when I’m stroking him but will then pull my hand back for more, and not forgetting how majestic he looks, surveying his kingdom in the back garden:

Your turn: what do you love most about your cat? :yellow_heart:

I love the way Shakey will cuddle up in bed at night and that he is so chatty, he literally understands every word we say even if sometimes he pretends not to!

Shakey sounds so cute!

My cat Nero definitely understands English too- he just pretends that he can’t!

My favourite thing about Nero is how laid back he is- he never minds being picked up, he is always happy to have a cuddle or even - gasp!- a tummy rub :yellow_heart: