Cat Gifts - what are you buying?

Hi everyone,

It’s only ten months until my birthday, and a paltry eight months - or 257 shopping days- until Christmas! I’m so excited for the shops opening today, so I can prepare, that I’ve obviously spent some time doing a round up of my favourite feline gifts - have you got anything AMAZING up your sleeve for your fellow cat lovers?

Here are mine:

Really Expensive

This Karen Mabon “Cat Lover” throw blanket looks great for a snooze with my furry friend!

She also has these “Cat Walk”, which I might need to sell my soul for. Worth it!

These lucky cat earrings might be expensive, but if they add luck into my life, why not?!

Middle of the road

Our content and community manager, Zeina, knows I love a meme- I secretly hope she is my secret santa in our office exchange this year, so I can get this AMAZING Smudge the cat poster. If you know, you know.

This Etsy poster of cats from film and TV is right up my street

Big cats need love too! This leopard statuette from Oliver Bonas would look AMAZING on my bedside table. Hint.

A stocking filler BARGAIN

I hate puns, but I love to hate them, and this bowl set by ALDI ticks all of my boxes

This Cat Pair Notebook from Paperchase is the ideal gift for the other cat loving humans in your life. One for them, one for me!

Cats and Coffee- the ideal combination of two things beginning with the letter C. I’m going to stick these cat themed stickers everywhere!!

What cat related items are you buying - or wishfully hoping for - at the moment?