Cat nip - yea or nay

We gave Mr Rochester a little bowl containing catnip and he went bonkers - writhing and rolling and sniffing and then promptly fell asleep. Guess it was the good stuff. My husband is worried Roch will get addicted!! He’s been sniffing that bowl all day looking for more…

Hi Jane!

I’m all for catnip with my cat Snaggles, he enjoys the little anchovy cat nip toys. Researchers suspect that catnip targets feline “happy” receptors in the brain.

Cat nip is a excellent stimulant for cats to encourage play and sometimes relaxing them. The key is not letting them overindulge, cats are unlikely to overdose on catnip, but if they eat too much it can make them feel a bit sick.

Have a lovely weekend!

In-House Vet at KatKin

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Great - thanks so much! Mr Rochester may need some cheering up once his human brothers and sisters go back to school!

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I was upstairs in my office, heard a strange noise…found that one of them had managed to get on top of the fridge/freezer, knocked everything off , including the big bag of catnip hidden up there, they managed to rip a hole in the bag, rolled in it, spread it around the kitchen floor, one was running in circles, the other couldn’t walk straight! I had to lock the cat flap because I was worried they might fall off the fence! Lol


They had a lockdown cat party!!! Ah!! They’re the best. I bet you felt royally left out. And they couldn’t care less :crazy_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But thanks - I’ll make sure I keep my catnip in a secret place…