Cat toys - any recommendations?

I’d like to get some new toys for my cat Reggie - he has demolished things on strings and loves chasing bouncy balls down the hallway. Any other ideas? Or treat related toys?

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Hopefully a KatKin toy soon! In the works and the plan is to make it durable!

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Very exciting! If you want Reggie to test anything he is available. :heart_eyes_cat:

I got my bruiser, Clawdius, a cat Kong & he loves it because you can fill it up with treats. Even when it hasn’t got food in it he chases it round the floor and chews it

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That looks fun! Yes I think Reggie would do the same :crossed_fingers:t2:thanks

Hi Emma

Our cats adore this catit toy. You can make it into different shapes with the component parts :slight_smile:

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My cat loves chasing things- his favourite toy is an orange worm on a string which was in a pack from Amazon but as he’s got older I haven’t been able to move it fast enough so I have a laser which he loves to chase. Apart from this he has a 4 way tunnel which he likes and one of the best things I’ve got for him is the Ang Activity playmat. You can make different shapes of it and my cat like to pounce on it and go through the holes. He also really loves a cat pole feather dancer from zooplus.

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I bought Sox a Flippity Fish at Christmas, for an old girl and ‘nip’ addict its a must!

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This looks like so much fun!

A bit late to the party, but I would definitely recommend ‘cat springs’!

If you’re boy loves to chase bouncy things down the hallway, then these are perfect! They are super light so skid around everywhere and also hook onto their nails a bit so they can toss it around. Super sturdy and great value for money as you can get many in one pack.

These have been a godsend for us, my cat usually has little interest playing by herself but these keep her amused for the better part of an hour at a time!


These look like great fun :joy_cat: