Cats going off food :(

All started well and fabulous, both Albert and Ronald loved their KatKin but two months into they started losing interest! I have selected recipes that they seemed to like more… but it’s now four months on as I haven’t give up but I have so much surplus of food because they simply are not eating their daily packages! I’m desperate! I love KatKin and love the goodness. They do look healthy and their poo doesn’t have any smell… I am not sure what to do. I’ve tried the sprinkles it works sometimes, sometimes not. I mixed some treats which also sometimes help.

As anybody experienced this? I just find it strange it’s both of them. If I put the food in the morning they smell it and don’t eat. They make this movement with their paws as if they are covering it with soil. When it’s time for the second meal they haven’t eaten much and the food is just dry and awful and barely touched…

Hey Diogo,

My cat Mila gave me the same run around, loads of interest at the start and then little to none all of a sudden! Do not worry, sometimes cats go off of food!

A tip that worked well for me was to heat it up - warming KatKin on a plate in the microwave for 15 seconds will make the food much more appealing to your cat.

Fussy cats can also get bored with food, changing your recipes can help, your cat may take to a new recipe that previously they didn’t like. It’s worth mixing up your box with a new combination of the 7 recipes.

Finally, I’d try only serving KatKin - it’s up to you to assert that KatKin is here to stay. Serve only KatKin (and no other food) for two consecutive days. And don’t worry if your cat is reluctant - in the wild, cats exist in a natural state of hunting and fasting. They can live for up to 4 days with no food, no problem.

I hope these tips help! I know transitioning fussy cats can have its moments but we are always here to help! :blue_heart:

I have started having a similar issue. My cat refuses to eat turkey. He is still happy about duck & chicken!! I do not have many other choice as he never liked beef, lamb and pork. Any changes on the composition? He wants to have the dried food he used to have and I am not really happy about this. Any suggestion?