Cats in KatKin bags

Hi guys!

I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, and I found this absolute beauty of a post - a cat in a KatKin bag, soaking up the sun!

And I realised this was a bit of a trend …

So now I challenge you - let’s see your photos of cats in KatKin bags!

Here’s my contribution - Ollie may not exactly be in the bag (she would never allow that kind of behaviour, sadly), but she’s close enough:


Hey Zeina!

I tried… but Nero’s response was basically “you want me to do WHAT?!”


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I don’t think our KatKin bag has ever looked better! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Hey Zeina,

Absolutely is a trend now that you’ve said it!

Titus was already sitting on my KatKin bag as per usual but when i asked her to get inside, much like Nero i got abit of a funny look :joy_cat: