Cats in Katkin diet transition

Hello ! I’m on my 5th day of trying to get my cats to start eating their Katkin so early days yet. I’ve started to mix it in with their favourite dry food and feeding twice a day but they are pretty much refusing to eat. I’ve tried warming it up and the sprinkles. I end up having to throw most of it away uneaten. As both my cats are under one year old, I’m starting to worry that they will soon experience weight loss. I’m all for perseverance but I dont want this to have a negative effect on their growth and general health. Am I being too worried here ??

Hi there!

You’re not alone in this at all - don’t worry, I know a lot of the KatKin Club have been in a similar boat. It’s instinctive for cats to shy away from new food, and KatKin Fresh food is very different from the sugars and fillers put in most cat foods to make them ‘yummy’.

But, we get it!

As a cat person, transitioning can be really hard. Your kittens will meow. They’ll walk away from the bowl. They’ll look at you, angrily. And you’ll want to give them the food they love.

But it’s worth thinking about the food that you eat every day. Are all your meals processed, and filled with chemicals? Or do you make sure you get your protein, fruit and veg? Feeding Gwen and Florence should be the same, and it seems like you’re taking all the right steps so far!

The next thing I’d recommend is “The Big Switch” - the number one tip for transitioning to a new food with a fussy kittens is perseverance. It takes time for cats to adjust to new things, as they are inherently suspicious of change! You’re at the point now where you can try serving only KatKin. Don’t give your kittens the option of their old food - if you let them choose, they’ll instinctively choose the familiar food vs new food. If you have any concerns about this last hurdle please contact our experienced team for more advice and we’ll be with you every step of the way.:yellow_heart: