Eating times: Eats in middle of night

Hi, Willow seems to only eat her Katkin in the middle of the night. I have tried it in the morning and she sniffs and walks off. So now I put it down for her at 6 pm but she does not touch it. However, when I come down in the morning it has all gone. Is this normal? My last 2 cats always ate a breakfast and at 6 pm. It just seems unusual. She is growing and full of energy when she is awake. She goes out at lot at night and if you try to keep her in she goes potty, especially at dawn which I know is when cats like to hunt.

Should I try and retrain her or leave her be?


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Hi Jenni,
Both of my cats often walk away from katkin initially and eat it later, but everything gets eaten eventually. My Tom cat seems to be eating more during the night, he is spending most of his waking hours out at night and sleeping on our bed during the day. His coat is much improved, it’s really beautiful, shiny but not greasy like it was before and he has stopped incessantly asking me for food, I think he’s happier and more contented on katkin so I’m not so worried about his nocturnal lifestyle.


Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your message. From speaking to our cat people I would say all cats are different and unique and if she has a routine that works for her (and for you) I wouldn’t worry too much. :yellow_heart:

As long as she is happy and healthy I would let her be. :smiley_cat:

If you have any other concerns or questions we can help with please let us know!

Emma :paw_prints:

Thanks Emma. I will carry on as she is.



Hi there, My Lily does the same - she only eats KatKin at night. If I try to feed it to her at any other time of the day, she also just sniffs it and walks away. I wish she ate it at other times too but unfortunately she doesn’t so I’m happy she eats it at least once a day.

Hi, do the cats that only eat their Katkin overnight eat other food during the day? Just wondering as mine,BC, begs for other food when he sniffs and walks away from Katkin… Still struggling a bit here.

Yes mine does the same if I’m in the kitchen. She has a routine of wakimy up about 7.30 a.m., then we come downstairs and she has 1 Aldi stock treat. Then around 11 she appears from outside and sits by the fridge and waits for me to give a small piece of wafer ham which she loves. Then off out again if not raining. Back in again at lunch time to sleep til 5 ish then has some tiny treats placed all over her activity centre. Off out for another hour then back in to sleep til 10. Night time adventures start then and she stays out til 4 ish then home to sleep til 6 or before when it’s back to a dawn hunt. She eats her K when she comes in at 4 I think or maybe before - who knows!!


Hi There,

Sorry to hear your struggling a bit with getting your cat to enjoy their KatKin💔

Have you tried heating our meals up a bit in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds? This can often make our Fresh meals even more palatable and the smell can be enticing!

Let us know if this helps, if not we’ve got a few more tips up our sleeve!


Don’t know if it’s just me but I often feel like my cat uses my house as some kind of hotel?!:joy_cat:

I think same goes for in this case, as Emma said as long as she’s healthy, happy and enjoying her KatKin all is well💛


Hi Jenni,
Eric’s a grazer. I spilt a pouch between breakfast & dinner, but he often doesn’t eat his dinner until the middle of the night.
I think he doesn’t want to fill himself up in case he catches a mouse on his midnight jaunts!!


Haha. I know what you mean. But Willow doesn’t eat breakfast except GoCat.