Fancy a Treat? 🍖

Hello Chatters - especially to all our new members. We see you :eyes:

We’ve got some exciting news here at KatKin, and the exciting news is: Treats.

You’ve been asking for it, and now we’re all too happy to provide. Very soon, you’ll be able to purchase treats alongside your monthly KatKin box - as if delivery day couldn’t get any better!?

We’d love to offer some of you the opportunity to get your paws on Treats first. All you need to do is tell us below why your cat deserves to get the first taste!


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Oh wow, Teddy currently goes wild for his Thrive chicken treats so I’d love to see him with KatKin ones. I think he should get the first taste because he is crazy for food so i’ll be able to get some great video content for direct feedback!

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Oh yes please! Willow won’t touch any brand of cat treats so hoping these will work for her. We were giving her a little bit of ham here and there as a treat, until there was a poonami, litter box upside down, and poo everywhere so fingers crossed she goes for these! She deserves a treat (she absolutely doesn’t really)

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Mr Rochester deserves a treat! His is a challenging day: finding a place to nap, coming for Katkin, getting his pelt brushed, having cat thoughts and generally being lionized by his adoring fans… Treats clearly in order!

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fan girl yessss!!! These would be perfect for those times to have a little something in between meals without having to feed Cookie another meal! At times she tends to seem so hungry before her next meal and I feel so bad :frowning: but these would be perfect! Chicken or fish flavour! :blush:

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oh, hurrah! its so hard to find really, properly good cat treats, and as Chetta is such a special and good girl, there is a need for them in this house :slight_smile: Chetta is actually really good at monitoring her own food intake, but a treat here and there never goes amiss!


This is brilliant news! I am so pleased to hear you’re all looking forward to our treats- we’re currently working on them and we hope to have some good news soon :blue_heart:

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Alfie used to love his treats, particularly his dreamies, but since being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, we had to stop giving him everything he had before and put him onto a fresh food diet so…no more dreamies. :cry:.
He has to take so much medication along with his chemo now, I would love to be able to give him a little treat for taking it all without any fighting or struggling. :heart_eyes_cat:

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This would be amazing :star_struck: its so hard to find healthy tasty treats!!! That my boy will eat. And if we could buy the chicken sprinkles he could easy eat two or more of those a month :see_no_evil::yum:

Well, we hope to announce some good news about the Sprinkles soon! :eyes:

Oh Gill, I’m sorry to hear that about Alfie :broken_heart:

Our treats are 100% chicken, so they sound like they might be just the thing to cheer him up a bit!

Bob the cat says “yes please” - he’d love to try the treats please :paw_prints: at moment he’s quite keen on Thrive…:paw_prints:

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Got our paws crossed that he’ll prefer our KatKin treats, Wendy :joy_cat:

Plus, you’ll be able to get them added to his monthly box so you never run out!

Gromit has never eaten a treat in his life… Could the Katkin treats be an answer to my guilt feelings when I give his daddy and brother a treat? I’m soooo hoping he will love them…

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Oh bless him! Whilst they’re still in development, we can promise that our treats will be 100% chicken, and free of any of the bad stuff - so they might be just the thing for Gromit :blue_heart: