Flowers for Jasper

I don’t think I will receive a gift this year as touching and thoughtful as the flowers KatKin just sent me following the death of Jasper (pictured here on his last night with us, with Smokey).

It really was the most lovely thought. I had wondered whether to continue with KatKin purely because Jasper’s sister Smokey never had any digestion problems with shop-bought food. But I can’t turn down customer service like that. Smokey will keep her subscription.


Hi Nick,

We’re so pleased to hear that your flowers arrived safely - we were so touched by your message about Jasper, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing his story with us.

Thank you for your continued support of us, we feel immensely privileged to have had Jasper and Smokey as members of the KatKin Club :yellow_heart:


Oh Nick, i’m so sorry for your loss and to hear that Jasper has crossed the rainbow bridge in the sky. This is so lovely about the flowers, sending you a big hug.

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Thank you. (Knowing Jasper, he will probably be lying across one of the steps of the Rainbow Bridge, expecting everyone else to step over him.)