Gingervitus and painful gums

Hiya, my name is Alan, my partner (Grazyna) and I adopted Bonifacy (a tuxedo cartoon cat from Polish TV) from the Newbury branch of Cat Protection. He has Gingervitus and has had two teeth extracted. His painful gums (and bad breath) come and go (as does his appetite). What do other cat parents do ?

Hiya Alan! :wave:

First of all, Bonifacy, what an excellent name!

My parent’s cat, Tibbs, had something similar - a congenital gum disease - but he had the painful gums, verrrry bad breath, and a bit of a leaky mouth, the poor boy.

He had all but two of his teeth out over Christmas which has really helped, but maybe with gingivitis you don’t need to resort to surgery - it may sound a little tricksy, but have you tried brushing his teeth? I’ve had no experience with it myself, but when reading up on how to help Tibbs (when we thought he had gingivitis) that was a recommendation!

Hey Alan! I’ve had similar issues with my Kooky- after FOUR teeth were removed she seems to be doing better now. She does still have gingivitis though, we normally try to give her some special dental toothpaste… no luck actually brushing them so far, but apparently if you just get it in their mouth that will help!

Hi All,

I completely understand the frustration when it comes to looking after your cats teeth, brushing your cats teeth is the best thing you can be doing but not all cats tolerate this! As Izzy said you can buy pet formulated tooth pastes that you can apply onto your cats teeth. If you slowly start with this, eventually you may be able to move to a finger brush.

Alternatively, there is a product called “PlaqueOff” which is clinically proven to significantly reduce bad breath, plaque and tartar in cats. It’s a powder based product that you sprinkle on top of their food. - However, it is not recommended in cats with thyroid disease.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions about your cats teeth!

Veterinary Consultant at Katkin

We are using plaqoff for both our babies, blondell who is 14 and had a full dentalectomy about 5 years ago and Lucy lockett who came to us last December and is ?4 years old. She has all her teeth, but gingivitis and occasional smelly breath. The powder seems quite palletable and appears to be working.

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