Help with cat sitting!

Hello fellow KatKins!

I would really want to hear on what you do with your cats when you go on holiday. I have a sweet ginger called Cookie. She is very attached to her humans and wouldn’t do well alone.

Anyone have any advise if I must have a long trip away?

I have two cats and I’ve yet to leave them for holiday. But, while I was at my vet, I spotted on the wall where they advertise local help: there was a cat sitter who will visit my home twice a day I think it was £12 a day, and she’d feed and spend time with the cats. Sounds like a better option that a dreaded cattery, might be worth an ask at your vet?

We get a house sitter in. We use House Sitters UK which has worked really well for us. Lovely sitters and happy cats. They don’t charge either.

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We use cat sitters from Mind my House, genuine cat lovers that come and stay in your house, look after your cat (in our case a very demanding Bengal) and water the plants. It’s always worked really well for us.

I have a neighbour who comes in and feeds my cat and stays a while and plays with him and looks out for him too. I prefer to pay her depending on how long we’re away. £50 for the week usually. She’s a cat person too - so wonderful arrangement even if we hate leaving him…

I’ve worked as a Cat Sitter on Cat in a Flat before - as a cat lover, I really enjoyed looking after the kitties, and I feel like for the owners they liked that their little ones were getting some human interaction! xx

I’ve used Cat in a Flat, and a family member who lives nearby and a neighbour before. Depends who is around, I think a house sitter is a great idea too x