How do you stop your cat invading the neighbours house?!

Any tips or tricks gratefully received! Our cat is a gorgeous, lovable, floppy Burmese, adores humans but hates (and I mean HATES) other cats… so much so that next door have had to board up their cat flap and we’re on a strict outside-time-allocation plan bc otherwise she breaks in and terrorises their poor cat.

Does anyone else have this problem?

And any hints or tips of things we can do to help our cat NOT invade their house?!

Next door have already invested in super-soaker water pistols and (they did check with us first!) regularly squirt her when she gets too close (cue much hilarity in the summer when they hit us playing in the garden!)


Our cat flap recognises the chip and so only lets our cat in. I wonder if you might offer to pay half for them to get one?

Ah we tried that - Indigo just ‘tail gates’ her way in, they’ve had to block it off!