How do your cats show you love?

Hey guys,

I’ve had a long old battle with my cat, Ollie, trying to figure out if she hates me, tolerates me, or secretly loves me… Anyone else have this conundrum?

I think she tolerates me, and she’ll occasionally throw a slow blink my way, and does lick me sometimes (but only after a solid 30 mins of head scratches) but refuses point blank to be picked up, won’t come near my lap, and I’d be dreaming if she headbutted me.

Am I alone with the most unfriendly cat in the world? How do yours show you love?

Molly is SUPER affectionate all the time - she follows me everywhere when I’m at home and and as soon as I stop, she just wants to sit or lie next to or on top me. I like to think this is because she loves me! It might also just be because she loves a warm body! In the same way she loves to sleep up against a radiator and also in a strange way loves a bath or a shower if the water is warm/hot.

Nero is very straightforward- he loves sitting on my partner and nuzzling him, but he will always follow me from room to room :blue_heart:

Teddy will never leave me alone! He follows me to the kitchen, comes on walks with me and insists on sitting between my arms when I work. He also thinks I am his bed because he insists on sleeping on me at all times!

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Kiara likes to sit on me while I work, waiting for me to get up so we can play.

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Kanekei isn’t super affectionate, but follows me everywhere, he will just lie down and stare at me and will fall asleep. If i get up and move into another room he will just follow me into the other room and fall asleep facing me again, rinse and repeat. Not really sure if that’s a measure of love but the fact he feels comfortable around me is enough.

Nero likes to be always in the same room as me- if I am lucky he will come and sit on me. He occasionally does a headbutt but not very often! :blue_heart:

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Coco is LOVES cuddles, and strokes, but also likes to attack my. hair at midnight… I assume thats her way of showing me love… well at least thats what I tell myself.

Misty is very stubborn though and will only come to you rarely and IF she really wants too.She has a teenage attitude, home for food and bed and thats it.:joy_cat:

my two kitties are the polar opposites. Lando is the biggest softie and he loves nothing more than snuggling up with me purring away, especially at about 4am! Leia will wriggle away if I try cuddle her but will occasionally bless me with a little cuddle! I do often find them cuddling each other though which is super cute!


Lando and Leia sound like such a cool pair!!!