How many pouches per day?

This may be a silly question, but my plan says I get 28 pouches delivered every 28 days. Hence 1 pouch per day. Is this right? It doesn’t seem enough. My cat has been handily putting away two at least…

Hi Nick,

Each KatKin pouch should contain enough calories for all of Jasper’s meal for that day - so one pouch per day in theory should be enough for him. :yellow_heart:

If you’re finding he’s getting through two per day, and isn’t putting on weight, it could be that he’s due a pouch increase!

If you would be happy to provide the below information, I would be delighted to do a quick calculation for his recommended portion size?

Weight (kgs):
Body type (skinny, just right, chubby or obese):
Lifestyle/ activity level (inactive, active and stays indoors, extremely active outdoor explorer):

He is on our smallest pouch size at the moment, so we could definitely increase this for him!

Elissa :cat2:

Thanks, that is super helpful.
We have really only just started him on the new food (and he loves it, and it is AMAZING - he had the worst gut problems, so we didn’t even gradually transfer him, since it couldn’t get any worse… and his diarrhea cleared up in 24 hours. And we had tried so many other cures. He also seems suddenly about two years younger.)

It’s complicated by the fact that he has a little sister who doesn’t eat much, and doesn’t have problems so I didn’t put her on a separate plan… so it’s hard to tell exactly how much Jasper eats.

If scaling up the pouches a bit is an option, that would be worth trying. What are the different sizes? At a rough guess, maybe 50% bigger might do the job. :slight_smile:

Hi Nick,

It’s great to hear that Jasper’s gut problems have cleared up! And that he seems to be ageing backwards :joy_cat:

We can always increase his calories, as Elissa said. Our pouches increase in increments of 50 calories so 250 would be the next size up for Jasper, and of course, with the increase we’d just be keeping an eye on his weight so we can always update this on his profile on your account, just to keep track.

Shaianne :paw_prints:

Thanks again. I checked my meal plan and found he wasn’t yet on the recommended 200 cal per day, so I’ve increased it to 200 for now. I’ll see if that satisfies him.

It really is remarkable how this food has cleared his problem up. Vets were throwing antibiotics at him and prescribing sensitive foods (but not fresh) and he had diarrhoea tablets… But two days on the Katkin food and he was fine. Now I feel guilty about the rubbish that must be in the catfood from the supermarkets!

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Do let us know how he gets on, Nick!

No need to feel guilty, we’re just glad that things are better for him, and that he’s feeling the benefits of a Fresh diet already :yellow_heart: