I am a Sleepy Kitten

Good morning everyone

I am Jax Ritchie from Swansea Wales. I am only 9 months old so I cherish my sleep. My parents, Dean and Fran understand that I need at least 16 hours a day of sleep and they facilitate that. I have a human brother Mat and a godsister Tebe.
My parents say I have brought joy in their lives. They lived alone after my brother left for uni. I love it here with my parents. We play all the time, wait- when I am awake.

Please feel free to ask me questions if you have any. Nonetheless, in future I will tell you how I spent my days.
For now
Thank you


Welcome Jax!!

Sleeping all day? Now that sounds like something I can get on board with.

Where’s Jax’s favourite spot to snooze in?

Jax is so cute! What are Jax’s favourite KatKin meals!?