IBD and raw food

Helloo! New to Katkin, I have a 7 month old Savannah that appears to be suffering from IBD, anyone else had a cat with IBD and have you found Katkin useful? Did you try out the food protein by protein?

Hi there! Welcome to KatKin!

A lot of our club members do have IBD, and have reported huge changes in their cat! You can see some very nice comments on our Trustpilot page.

I wanted to let you know that KatKin isn’t a raw food. While our Fresh meals could be raw, we’ve decided to rather gently steam cook them to help eliminate any potentially harmful pathogens - this is especially important for very young kittens and for cats with compromised immune systems.

Your starter box should have three recipes in: Cluck!, Quack! and Gobble! - if you would like to introduce one recipe at a time, I’m sure that would be perfectly fine, but you can also introduce a different recipe each day- this is totally up to you!

I hope this is helpful!

Christina :paw_prints: