Introduce yourself and your cats!

Welcome to all our new members!

We’d love to get to know you, and what better way to do that than by meeting your cats?

I’ll start us off! This is Ollie, part Norweigan Forest Cat, part total sass-pot.

She is the softest bundle of fluff, but only a select few people can get away with stroking her.

Over to you!


Hello! This is Kooky- she loves plants, sleeping and jumping on my key board when I’m trying to work!


Hello! This is Nero! He is so lovable and fluffy :heart::sob:
His favourite KatKin recipe is Baaa!


Hi everyone! This is Reggie - he loves treats, trying to eat the food of his cat parents and chasing his toys up and down the hallway. Here he is sat on the wool from his KatKin box :blue_heart:


Hi everyone! This is Molly’s blue steel vibe. Molly is a constant presence; she’s always nearby looking for a warm body (or laptop) to attach herself to you and she’ll often meows constantly until you pick her up into your arms. Molly likes all the KatKin recipes except Splash, and I think her favourite recipes are Cluck and Gobble! The best think I did to help Molly transition an stick with Fresh food was to ditch the kibble!


Hi everyone!

I’m Nikki one of the Co-Founders of KatKin, but most impawtantly I’m cat mum to Kiki & Columbus :blue_heart:
Also affectionately know as the “meatball” and “snowball” - can you guess who is who?!

They definitely have the younger and older sibling dynamic going - Kiki is very quick to tattle tail on her brother when playtime becomes too rough (even though she is always the first to land the first paw to the face!).

Columbus has always been the “grumpy old man” in the house, but since switching over to KatKin last year has become the most affectionate and loveable cat, in fact he’s become a complete “mommy’s boy” which suits me perfectly!

I’m so looking forward to getting to know everyone in the KatKin Club and cat-not wait to meet you all!



This is Indigo - she loves sleeping, snuggling, sleeping, attention and sleeping! She’s THE most human-like cat I’ve ever met, she’s desperate to be near us all the time.


Hey - here is my lovely cat, Kanekei. More akin to a dog than a cat, here he is pictured over the Christmas break looking majestic in the garden


Wow look at those blue eyes!!

I think we have our next KatKin meowdel!

Hey :slight_smile:

This is my boi Tim. He was rescued from a gutter as a kitten with little chance of survival and is now close to 14 years old! He’s a tough little guy with a mighty spirit who thinks he’s much bigger than what he is - but if there is a lap to sit on he will be there! (purring ferociously)


Hello! Meet Edward, sometimes goes by Teddy, depends if he’s feeling formal or not. He likes walks and making bird noise, and of course he enjoys typing on my keyboard.



I am Tara and I work in Customer Service and Customer operations, helping to delight our cat parents and ensuring their deliveries run smoothly.

I am also Cat Mum to Misty 10 and Coco ( in the picture) 9 months. Misty is a very independent lady ( or maybe she takes after teenagers more) she likes to venture out for the day and come home for dinner and nap time!

Coco is an indoor kitty and is the most playful bundle of joy ever which makes me smile - unless it’s when she’s trying to attack my hair as I sleep.:joy_cat:


This is Stevie she’s 11 months old and she’s been on KatKin from 4 months old. She spends most of her days staring out the windows at the squirrels. She enjoys all the KatKin flavours except Splash but her favourite is definitely Oink


What an absolute beauty! Welcome to the community, Alicia and Stevie! Is she named after Stevie Nicks?

I’m so glad she’s loving the flavours, she has excellent taste :yum:

Welcome Alicia & Stevie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi everyone, this is Persephone, also known as Percy.

She is part Norwegian Forest Cat, part thug life. She thinks she is the busiest housecat of all time, so many spots to sleep in, so little time. Percy does what she likes, in her own time, always with a unamused look on her face. She also has really hairy paws!

We’ve been buying KatKin for about 6 months now after Percy had a terrible time with bladder problems & she absolutely loves it!

Lovely to virtually meet you all and your kitties!



What a beautiful gal! That coat… so shiny! Like she’s getting ready to go to Glasto :metal:

So happy to hear she’s such a KatKin fan - does she have a fave?

Hello everyone!
We are Cookie and Alessia. We are both from the Seychelles now living in the UK as I am completing my degree.
I was too stubborn to leave Cookie behind, and I want to continue living outside of Seychelles after graduation. I couldnt imagine it without her :two_hearts: