KatKin unpacking rituals

Hi guys!

I got my order reminder for my delivery on Friday, and it made me think - what are your KatKin rituals when unpacking your boxes? Do you do it in any order?

Mine are to put gloves on first, which may sound a little ridiculous. My freezer is absolutely tiny, so I ALWAYS catch my hand on the top/side so definitely need gloves to avoid frost bite!

Then I very carefully stack the meals in three rows, but I always make sure there’s equal distribution of flavours across each row so I can easily grab one and know Ollie is getting a variety of flavours.

I finish with recycling the puffin packaging and wool lining, but now the weather’s improving I think I’ll use it in my flower pots in my garden! Then I leave the box out for Ollie to play with, but she often thinks she’s better than boxes :rofl:

Let’s hear your unpacking rituals!

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I unpack all the food and put 5 different flavours in the freezer. I then put the rest in the fridge (Pud has her own drawer). I make sure that the types of flavours are together in baskets so I can easily see them, as I try to give her a different flavour each day for variety. Whilst unpacking Pud’s food, I also have a very envious dog inspecting the packets (as you can see from the photo). #jealousdoggy

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We :yellow_heart: a dedicated KatKin drawer - that’s one very lucky Pud!

I am also a very big fan of the hashtag #jealousdoggy…could we get it trending do you reckon? :joy_cat:

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