Let's Talk Litter

Here at KatKin, the one phrase we never live by is ‘curiosity killed the cat’, and today we’re very curious…

We all use it, we all buy it - we’re talking litter :poop:

What litter do you all use? What makes a good litter the cats’ pyjamas? What makes bad litter stink?

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With my last cats I always used the clay litter when they started to need it as geriatric ladies. They both lived to be 23! But now I use the wood pellets and find it so much easier to deal with and dispose of. Willow seems to like it but she got used to at Cat Protection before she came to me. She is now 8 months old and does not use it as much,except at night and when it is pouring with rain :rofl:


Seems like Willow has got her toilet standards down to a T! and so she should!:joy_cat: