National (Cat) Napping Day 💤

It’s everyone’s (yawn…) favourite day - it’s National Napping Day! :bed:

To celebrate, we’d love to see your favourite photos of your cats having a cat-nap.

Tell me, is there anything more beautiful and peaceful than a sleeping kitty? I think not. :heart_eyes_cat:


Happily having a snooze then have a little stretch, and realise I’m too long for the sofa!! Then slowly fall off sofa :see_no_evil::paw_prints:


Mr Rochester impersonating his version of a noughts and crosses board, while dreaming of a nice bowl of Splash!

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The look in their eyes are they realise ‘I’m about to fall off’ :joy_cat:

A lovely stretch going on there!! :blue_heart:

Mimi always sleeps next to us. On sofa for nap, in bed at night. Our legs are usually her pillows. This is nap hotdog style.

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My mum and dad’s cat does exactly the same - I don’t know how they ever get any sleep! :joy_cat: