New laws about tenancy agreements and cats!

New government legislation will let renters who have pets get leases much more easily than in the past!

This is great news for me personally, it’s always been such an issue!


I’ve been keeping an eye on this, as someone who is imminently going to be moving… it will hopefully mean it’s not as difficult finding somewhere to rent!

This is great, it’s always such a headache despite having a cat who’s generally well behaved. Well done UK gov on this one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hugely exciting, isn’t it!

And I’ve seen it in practice - a friend of mine got turned down for a flat at the last minute because the landlord changed their mind about allowing their cat, and I told her about this and she managed to get them to change their mind.

It sounds like it’s not something landlords are wholly aware of at the moment, so is probably worth mentioning if you’re ever not sure, @AndrewD :blue_heart:

I hope that in about a year’s time (when I will need to move), there will be more awareness about this new law.

It is very likely that I might need to move to London or Manchester - Anyone know how ‘pet friendly’ renting is like there?

Regardless, this is certainly great news, and I am so pleased for that friend of yours @Elissa_KatKin, gives me hope :smile_cat:


I think you’ll definitely be in a much stronger position having already got a cat/starting a new tenancy agreement, I can’t speak direct from experience, but I think it will be much easier than it previously has been!

Fingers crossed for you - how could anyone not like a cat!?! Especially not one as wonderful as Cookie :blue_heart:

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