New to Katkin but BC isn’t sure yet

Hi, we received our trial pack last Thursday. Very excited about changing BC onto a natural diet as he’s had loose bowels for years. The vet tests always came back negative. So, I started him with a teaspoon of warmed Quack with his usual food and he loved it. But since then he hardly touches it. Won’t eat Cluck at all. As it’s early days yet and I don’t want to put him off completely, advice on how to proceed would be good. I’ve read the info and watched the video but still feel unsure. He is a senior so maybe he is just too old to change his diet?

Hello! Thanks for your post, we’re so pleased to welcome you and BC to the KatKin Club :yellow_heart:

Cats are naturally very suspicious of anything new, so changing their diet is no mean feat - especially for our seniors!

Our number one top tip for transitioning is perseverance - sticking it at it consistently should win out in the end, even with the fussiest of cats. It could be that there’s only one recipe he enjoys, and as each of our recipes are formulated to be 100% nutritionally full and complete, he won’t be missing out on anything if there’s only one recipe he’s happy with.

Have you tried adding our Sprinkles, or gently warming the KatKin before serving?


Thank you for your reply. Yes I have been warming it a little and adding the sprinkles. Before KatKin BC was able to graze on a little dry food and eat wet in small meals (never ate a full bowlful) throughout the day. Since starting KatKin I’ve picked up all dry food and just giving wet with some of the new food in. But as he’s hardly eating anything now my concern is he will become ill from lack of food. I gave in yesterday and gave him a pouch of his old food without KatKin.

No worries at all, I completely appreciate your concern, and it’s definitely something a lot of our cat community has felt during the transitioning journey.

It can sometimes take time, and each cat is different, so taking things at BC’s pace is completely fine! I would keep adding a little bit of KatKin to his old food, to give him time to get used to this ‘new thing’ in his bowl - depending on the kind of food he’s used to, he might not have even realised that KatKin is a food yet!

Do keep us updated with how things are going, and keep smiling! BC will pick up on any stress surrounding the new food, and we want him to associate KatKin with good feelings, so keeping positive around mealtimes might also be a help! :yellow_heart:


Decided Splash and Oink were his favourite (well the only ones he would eat!) settling on them but seems Splash isn’t available so got just Oink this month. Now Luca refuses to eat it, I’ve tried everything, he does even like the sprinkles any more! I’ve been holding out, not giving him any other food but he is just starving himself! Being diabetic this isn’t a good situation as I’ve had to stop his insulin as I can’t risk him having a Hypo. Shall I give up and resort to his diabetic vet food again? I tried Katkin as it’s natural and he loved them to start with, so don’t understand it. Once he ate a whole sachet of Oink in one sitting! Why can’t he be like my dog and eat anything (including Oink when it’s so dried out there’s no way Luca will eat it!

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I’m so sorry to hear that! I can understand that with his diabetes, his eating is a bit more of a cause for concern - we are hoping to have Fish on the menu, very soon, but we’re unable to say exactly when yet :broken_heart:

If you’ve found that he’s gone off Oink! it might be worth almost starting the transition period again - warming the food if you’re not already, and mixing a little bit on with his old diabetic food.

If you’re finding it’s still not working, we’d recommend a little break from KatKin - fed is absolutely best, and he might return to liking Oink! in the future, especially if he’s not had it for a while :yellow_heart:

Do keep us updated!


Does BC go outside?
You may find that he’s getting his nutrients elsewhere which may be why he doesn’t feel like eating at home.
I’ve had this with both of mine and in the end I had to buy a collar with large print on it and a tag stating ‘DO NOT FEED’ and some blurb about a medical condition.
Instantly there was a change and they tuck in to their katkin nicely now, most days :wink:

Also, if he’s not got a weight problem, you could try mixing in the meaty yoghurts (Lick-e-lix / Webbox) you can get.
If he likes those that is. Occassionally we have a bit of a battle of wills and mine aren’t bothered with the sprinkles, but the yoghurt is a hit so mixing that in makes the medicine go down a treat :wink:

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Thank you for the fab advice - we love to see you guys helping each other out! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :heart_eyes_cat:

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