Oh no! Splash is being deleted

I just saw the notification in my latest email regarding my next box that Splash! is slowly going away due to supply issues! My cat George has been having 20 pouches of Splash and 4 each of moo and baa, in his boxes. He’s a real fish lover so really loved the splash pouches. He really didn’t liek Cluck and wasn’t so keen on gobble or quack either. So I’m a bit worried now! THere were rumours of a Salmon flavour which I think he’d love so I hope that one does make it in! He’s a right fussy boy and I’d thought I’d just got somewhere with him!!

Any other Splash fans?!


Cookie is another huge Splash fan. But… What is this?! I didn’t receive the email about the end of Splash!!! NOOOOO!! DONT DO IT! (Unless salmon is the new Splash)

It was in my email regarding my next box, so it might not come until you get that it said: :cry:

Important update to our recipes:

With the current lockdown and decline of fishing for the restaurant industry, we’re battling to source enough high-quality, sustainable fish for our growing cat community. As a result, from February, we will slowly be removing Splash! from recipe options. If Splash! is in your box, we may replace it with some of your cat’s other favourite recipes instead. We’ll make these changes automatically, but if you would like to pick these recipes yourself, please do so anytime in your account section.

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Oh no, I just got that email too, and hate to say it but Willow adores Splash so this would be a massive issue for us. She’s just gone off oink so we are limited to just 3 flavours now. Please say it isn’t so.

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Funny because George went off Oink too, not sure if something changed with the recipe, he LOVED it in the first box, it was his favourite - weirdly he wsnt’ so sure about Splash! then, but I stopped giving him Oink in the last couple of boxes as he was turning his nose up at it. I gave him Moo"! today and he walked right past it. He probably will go and eat it later though.
I understand the issues with suppliers… there must be some that are still around though, if restaurants aren’t taking the fish I’d have thought the fishermen/fishmongers must be desperate to sell to someone. I hope they can find some new suppliers soon.

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That’s a huge OH NOOOO!!! From us too!!! Mr Rochester the cat was loving his lazy lockdown days until this news!!! But salmon would rock if poss!! Thank you Katkin for being the best

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Hot tip everyone - reach out to customer services who are always great, and see if you can bulk order Splash before it vanishes…


@carmen these cats are so fickle! they mess with us! It was Willow’s fave too, and now she will only eat it if super hungry. And even then it takes a while.

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Hi guys - thank you so much for your feedback, and we’re sorry to be the bearers of disappointing news :disappointed: We’re really dedicated to bringing you the best ingredients, and sadly we’ve been struggling to source the top quality your cat are used to. I’d definitely recommend giving some of the old recipes another try too - I’ve noticed my cat Ollie has come back to some flavours she’s previously not liked, so try ones your cat might not have been so keen on before.

I also want to say that this isn’t goodbye to fish entirely - it’s just ‘see you soon’. We have a salmon recipe on the way which we’re really excited about, and we are trying to find a way to source a great quality white fish supplier so Splash! may be back on the menu in the future! Please do get in touch with our CX team - and see if you can sneak a few extra portions of Splash! in, if you’ve got the freezer space!


Hi everyone, to echo Zeina it could be more a “see you soon” to Splash than a permanent goodbye!
It’s good to see how much love the recipe gets though! Interesting we used to think it was the least loved of the 7 recipes by cats, but then we worked out cats love it but bc of the smell cat people take it out their boxes! :joy:

We are finalising the new salmon recipe over the next few weeks - any ideas on what we should name it!?


Good to hear! One thing I noticed is the smell hasn’t been so strong the last couple of boxes… or maybe I’m just used to it now (oh gosh my house smells like fish!!).

George got his 20 pouches in the recent box, and he has happily eaten Baa today so I think he’ll be fine. He’d love the salmon recipe though so looking forward to that. :+1:

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Maybe Leap! For the Salmon one, or is that too cryptic?


My 7year old son David suggests Flip for the new salmon recipe that we are sure will be lapped up by our cat Mr Rochester when it’s ready


that’s a disaster for Luca - it’s the only one he really likes. I have to put sprinkles on the other ones to entice him

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There’s some great naming ideas here - thank you! We were thinking of Swish and will throw these ideas into the mix as well!

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Cheeto LOVES splash! Initially furball turned his snoot up on it BUT now just cannot get enough of it! He is not keen on Moo and Oink that he stubbornly refuses to eat it. He will give me that look all day hooman why are you doing this to me! I am having to remove Moo now and replace it with cluck and gobble.

Not happy Solash is going!

Gromit too. Splash was the only one he really enjoyed and just tolerated cluck and gobble but this month he won’t eat splash - he really is fussy. Will have to try them all again!

@cheeto @Sue

We’re so sorry to be removing Splash! Paws crossed that it’s only temporary - we’re doing our best to find a way of making it work, as we’re incredibly disappointed to be letting Cheeto and Gromit down :crying_cat_face:


All paws crossed as my lovable stressy fusspot doesn’t like Moo, Oink or Quack - so her options are getting limited without Splash, which she loves.

Her morning feed is vital as it is the only way we can get medication into her - so we can’t risk having her turn her nose up!!

Oh bless her - we’re sorry to hear that Theresa :broken_heart:

We are hoping that Splash’s retirement is only temporary - we’re working as hard as we can to source new suppliers of the quality we want to provide you all with, alongside working on some new recipes!

Do you think your little one might be interested in the Salmon recipe at all? We’ve got our paws crossed that it’s launching soon :fish: