Oh no! Splash is being deleted

Thanks Elissa. I’m sure you are doing your best - its just my fussy cat that is the problem!!

Tuna is definitely her favourite flavour fishy flavour, but I would be happy to try her with one pouch to see how it goes. In the past she has never taken to Salmon flavours. :crying_cat_face:

Hi Katkin team! So sad to not have Splash in the boxes anymore, Astro loved it! Any news on when the new fish recipes will be available? :heart_eyes_cat:

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Would love to know too - salmon is my cat’s fave food :yum:

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@Triinulohu @Sallycat

We know so many of you are keenly awaiting our new fish recipe and really can’t wait to launch this for you! Our team are currently working hard on perfecting a white fish with salmon recipe to launch later this year. So please keep your eyes peeled for updates on this :tropical_fish: :yellow_heart: