Overeating since being on Katkin

Does anyone feel that the sachet is not enough? My cat should be on less than one sachet according to his weight but I’m giving him a whole sachet and a whole one of his previous food!


It sounds like Luca might need a bit of a change in pouch size, especially if he’s that hungry!

As our pouches are daily serve, one pouch per day should be enough for all his meals.

Would you mind letting me know his current weight, body condition (skinny, just right, chubby, obese) and activity level (inactive, active, outdoor explorer)?

The calculator does it’s best to recommend the purrfect amount of calories your cat needs, but every cat is different, so it sounds like Luca might need a bit more to keep him satisfied!

Elissa :paw_prints:

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He is 3.8kg and been diabetic for 6 years. I’m happy giving him the sachet as it is his diabetic food. He had a massive hypo last week and nearly died so I feel I can’t cut back and risk his blood sugar going to low. Saying that I have finally worked out how to get a blood sample myself to test him. He is 191/2 so not active at all! Just from his bed to kitchen 20 times a day as he wants food all the time!

I’m so sorry to hear that, that must have been a bit scary for you! Due to his diabetes, we would definitely recommend taking your vet’s advice when it comes to his diet, so keeping him on his diabetic food sounds like the right way forward. :blue_heart:

I’ve ran Luca’s updated info through our calculator, and he should still be fine on his current pouch size . We would maybe say cut down on the pouches to avoid over-feeding, but having read through your previous emails with us, as long as you’re not noticing a huge amount of weight gain, and he’s a happy boy, I think it’s fine to continue feeding him as is.

Elissa :paw_prints:

thank you. I called his vet today as his blood sugar is through the roof in the mornings and then so low in later on in the day and he said he may be having some kind of remission, which would explain why he so hungry, and he has recommended no insulin for 2 x weeks and then take his blood sugar levels again. Could be due to the Katkin! I’ll let you know what happens in a couple of weeks!

Yes, please do keep us updated! :blue_heart: