Pancake Day - your cat will flip!

It’s everyone’s favourite Tuesday…it’s Pancake Day! :heart_eyes_cat:

We were just wondering if anyone’s cats are getting their own special treat? Or perhaps you’re attempting to create a purrfect portrait of your little one, captured in batter…

cat pancakes 1

Although I have a feeling mine might end up a little more like this:

cat pancake 2

Has anyone else ever tried some cat inspired sweet treats?

Are your little ones maybe getting a little treat tonight?

We want to know!! :heart_eyes_cat: :meat_on_bone:


Both of these are sooo much better than anything I had to offer last night, to be honest!

But, I did give Ollie KatKin in the shape of a pancake last night, with extra sprinkles… does that count?


THIS IS SO NICE! My pancakes didn’t make it through the batter stage, I tried a different recipe to usual… I was sad :frowning:

Honestly, I’m blown away by both

These are so cute! I have to confess I didn’t make any pancakes :grimacing:

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They are amazing!

Unfortunately the children are so pancake obsessed Misty & Coco don’t even get to clean up the crumbs. :joy_cat: