Peeing and spraying

I have 3 Bengals who all have access to the outside and I have litter trays inside.
My boy uses the litter tray but will also squirt urine at upright surfaces. I spray with the odour eliminator but it doesn’t stop him. Sometimes he does it staring at me!
A couple of times I have managed to catch him before he starts and have placed him in the litter tray (which he then uses). I did give him treats when I was able to stop him but now I’m suspicious that he’s doing it for a treat!
He’s a ‘full on’ intelligent cat, is quite attached to me and is driving me crazy with his behaviour!
He also keeps touching my face and doesn’t realise his claws hurt.
I seem to have turned him into a monster! Any advice welcome.

Hello Jean,

This can indeed be a challenge, one thing you can consider is pheromone products like Feliway. They can really help reduced unwanted behaviours. I would personally advise “Feliway Friends” as it is designed for multi-cat households.

Taking him to the litter tray will definitely be helping. It is also good to ensure you have plenty of litter trays for the number of cats you have. The recommendation is one for each cat, plus one.

When he goes to touch your face with his claws, distracting him by playing with toys can help reenforce that playtime is with toys. The same is useful for when cats think your hands and feet are toys!

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,

In-house Vet at Katkin


Out of curiosity as he been spayed?

Yes, he’s been spayed.

Thanks Grant
I’m curious about the number of litter trays as they are outside cats so I only have two trays. The good news is that the warmer weather has meant he goes out more.
I had his claws clipped which helps!