Photos of your Moggies!

At KatKin we love all cats, and moggies have a very special place in our hearts!

I have decreed that today is Moggie Appreciation Day (I’m allowed to do that because I’m one of the moderators on this forum :wink:), so I now ask you - if you have a moggie, I want to see a photo! Let’s start a photo thread of some of the glorious KatKin moggie crew, I know you’re out there!

Is this a moggie?


Meet Columbus - he’s got his grumpy face on as I was late for breakfast!


This is Clawdius, a street cat of impeccable pedigree!


This is Hamish, better known as Tubs as he is a little tubby. See how beautiful his coat looks since he’s been on KatKin :heart_eyes_cat:



Hi Clawdius, wow what a title that is! - It has a wonderful ring to it, almost poetic (and very apt!):heart_eyes_cat:

His full name is Tiberius Clawdius Felix (I have a fondness for Ancient Rome) and here he is with his friend Critter :grin:


Meet Reggie one of my Maine Coons

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Here’s Eric - offspring of what was probably a bit of a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ scenario involving an abandoned nice English longhair or similar and a wandering ginger Tom. He’s been lucky enough to have been living the life of Riley since he and his siblings were rescued off a bus garage roof at two days old. Their mum relocated too!
He is unreasonably opinionated and a bit of a thug, despite the fluffy looks!
His mum and almost identical brother still live where the kittens were born, about 10 miles away and his sister (short haired and tortoiseshell) now lives in Exeter! His ninth birthday is next Sunday. He is the only cat I’ve ever shared my home with whose mother I’ve met!

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My moggie kittens!

Cream tabby, regular tabby and a calico. Siblings. Mum was a tortoiseshell, mainly black, dad a ginger tabby.