Play with Me, Human!

Ok, so as I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to cat parenting (my family cat’s favourite toy is a screwed up ball of foil – super high tech!), I was wondering what are the BEST cat toys out there? :cat2:

Hit me with your recommendations: anyone got any top picks that can keep a cat entertained for hours on end?

Although I have a feeling that the below might be upsettingly accurate :joy_cat:

Cat toy meme

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-Laser pointers are always a home run
-making tents and castles out of cardboard boxes (see attached picture) Cookie will sometimes spend hours in one box sleeping and another playing in it

  • I think the automatically moving balls and fish are pretty cool ideas I’d want to try
  • cats love a good cat wand/fishing pole :fishing_pole_and_fish: (i.e pole/stick with feathers and toys at the end of a string) tip: make sure that any feathers are real!! So if the cat eats it - and they will - it is safe! Fake feathers will be a choking hazard or mess up there stomachs

Hope this helps :relaxed:

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Those are amazing ideas, thank you so much!

I’d forgotten about laser pointers, I think you can get endless play out of them, and we hear so many stories of cats and their cardboard boxes - maybe keeping it simple is better?

Also, what a beautiful photo of Cookie, her colouring is gorgeous! :heart_eyes_cat:

Chetta loves to play with balls, and she has some with strings attached, with rattles in, others that are felt and some pompoms, both of which are great for her to pick up in her mouth. The best 20 quid i have ever spent is on a playmat for her, that she hides in and zooms in and out of, and gets a lot of fun from hunting for her toys in.

She loves a fishing rod toy with feathers and a bell, we play with that for hours - it gives her the satisfaction of the chase and then the kill.


Oooh, I’ve never heard of a cat playmat before - that sounds like great fun :blue_heart:

It definitely feels like replicating the chase and the pounce is the way to go!

You need to find out what your cat likes; among the years I found out that my cat like soft small toys (preferably filled with catnip) to fight and bite and ‘hunt’. She likes a bit bigger but still soft and filled with catnip to wrestle and bite them. She doesn’t care for toys that makes sounds or are too hard/big.
Being solo parent and working all day I found it helps to attach few toys with strings around the few scratching posts she has around the house, or from the door handles.
I also rotate her toys so they are like ‘new’ so she doesn’t get too bored of them. I keep the ones I put away in a box and sprinkle them with catnip. She loves when I open the box to change her toys! That catnip high :smile:
Weirdly enough she loves the tissue paper that comes with shoes and clothes, I leave it on the floor and she goes to destroy it like crazy!

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What a sweetheart!

Rotating the toys sounds really interesting, I definitely hadn’t thought about that before, but you’re quite right - I’d get bored of playing with the same things all the time too :joy_cat:

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One of my best purchases was a cat tunnel with a cut out that you can dangle toys in! They also love a laser pointer and string toys but also a good old ball made of foil which constantly get lost under the sofa!


Empty boxes, plastic straws and apparently my single use eye drops are a must for my pack :rofl::rofl:

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Eric loves anything he can get in side, anything feathery on the end of a stick & all things that smell of catnip!! As well as having a couple of healthy cat mint plants in the garden, I keep a little sachet of dried catnip to refresh his toys & keep him interested. Good luck & have fun discovering your favourite toys!! xx


Oh my goodness! Eric is such a sweetheart!

Another vote for catnip from me too- my cat Nero will show interest in anything that’s had a light dusting of catnip :blue_heart: