Poop has changed!

I’m sorry if this is a little bit TMI but after 1 week of Katkin my kitty’s poop is now a very VERY dark brown… It was always a lighter brown before on her old food and obviously this is a vast change so was a little concerning at first!

To make me feel a bit better has anyone else experienced a drastic colour change in the litter box? Is this because of the high meat content? What colour is your Katkin’s poop? :joy:

It’s all part and parcel of being in the KatKin Club to hear about daily “movements” ! :joy_cat:

As our Fresh meals contain 100% real meat, and no grains or fillers they will contain less fibre than what you might have previously been feeding your cat so there will be a period of adjustment for their stomachs which is completely normal. If you are worried, you can always pop us a message! :yellow_heart:

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The same here and I have noticed Sox is now drinking more too…


Hi, Willow is the same. Her poo is now always dark and perfectly formed, so what your are experiencing is quite normal and as her poo should be. When you think of the rubbish that is in some manufactured cat food it is not surprising our fluffy friends have trouble with their digestion sometimes. Cats are out and out carnivores and should not be having cereals etc. Having said that I know Katkin has veg in, but only a balanced amount to provide the right nutrients. I hope this helps put your mind at rest? Jennyg


thankyou! to be fair she’s been on it for just about 2 weeks now and it’s gone slightly lighter - she’s a little sensitive tummy girl :heart_eyes_cat:

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yeah i have found some of the recipes seem quite “dry”? I always add a little bit of water to her meals just to top up x

Olivia is a real beauty! :heart_eyes_cat:

In regards to drinking more water, our Fresh meals are high in moisture naturally due to the meat they’re made from - though some canned diets will have more water than our Fresh meals. Also, whilst KatKin diets are not high in sodium, this may be an increase compared to their old food.

Water intake can also be driven by our high protein content and the increased protein metabolism due to this - as long as there is fresh water available to our little ones for when they do fancy a drink, taking on more water is perfectly normal.:yellow_heart:

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Yes, my kitty is the same much darker, less frequent, not so smelly but a little hard, I think he is a bit constipated and it is putting him of his food as he associates the pain to the food. Is this a temporary thing?

Hi Liz,

We spoke about this a little on the phone earlier and you mentioned he wasn’t a fan of having more gravy like meals, so if adding hot water isn’t working and he still seems to be struggling, You can also try adding some psyllium husk powder to his meals.

Start by adding 1/4 teaspoon to Lord Locke’s meals and if this doesn’t seem to be doing the trick after 3 days I would increase it to 1 teaspoon. Simply add it to their breakfast and dinner and stir it in. We don’t sell psyllium husk powder off our website, but the brand Nikki buys off Amazon for Kiki and Columbus is called Lepicol - which you can buy here :yellow_heart:

Good tip! Thank you, I had forgotten psyllium husk might help, I’ll give it a try :smile_cat: