Recycle pouches

Hi, we are new to KatKin and my cat Shakey can’t yet make up his mind if he likes them or not, but we are persevering! I just wondered if the pouches can go in the recycle bin?

Hi Sue,

A big welcome to the KatKin Club to you and Shakey! :yellow_heart:

Don’t worry if he’s not quite convinced yet, it can take time to transition a cat to a new diet, and it’s much better for their stomachs to go at a slower pace.

Our food pouches are not easily recyclable at home just yet (we’re working really hard on rectifying this at the moment!), but they can be recycled for free using a recycling scheme called TerraCycle like other wet food pouches: TerraCycle. They have multiple local drop-off points and our pouches will then be stripped down and up-cycled into innovative new products!

Do keep us updated with how it’s going with Shakey, we’re always here to lend a hand when needed :heart_eyes_cat:


Thanks Elissa, you have put my mind at rest regarding Shakey and how to recycle the pouches😸


No worries at all, Sue - any time! :yellow_heart: :heart_eyes_cat: