Renting with Cats - how to talk to your landlord?


I’m Elissa, a cat-parent in waiting, and I’m currently trying to negotiate with my landlord about getting a cat.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how best to approach this with them?

We’d also love to rescue, so does anyone have an idea of cat rescues in London that are currently re-homing. Bit of a nightmare trying to become a Cat Parent in a pandemic, if I’m honest :joy_cat:

I’d love to know everyone’s thoughts!

Elissa :heart_eyes_cat:

I would recommend the Mayhew, that’s where I adopted Reggie from. They’re a great cat and dog charity!

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You could always offer to give a larger deposit? Haven’t tried it myself as my landlord is very understanding but I was given this advice when I was first looking to rent.

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I’ve had a problem with mice so that’s how I’ve persuaded mine! But I also have tenants in my house who have a cat so the thing the landlord will be most worried about is damage. Tell them that you’ll get scratch mats, climbing posts and things to cover furniture so that the cat is not destructive in the house. Enphasise that cats are clean and will use a litter tray which you will clean every day. Tell them the cat would be neutered so no risk of spraying. And say that of course you’ll pay for any damage that is caused . The other thing you could do is get a rescue cat of 5 years or above that will be more sedate and cause less damage.


Hi Elissa!

I rent and was originally in a tenancy agreement which didn’t allow pets. We don’t have any direct contact with our landlord, only the estate agent, and we just wrote a nice email to them explaining how much we love the house etc and would love to have a couple of cats. We offered to pay extra when we move about for any damages etc. They agreed and just sent through an extra short contract to sign saying that we are happy to pay for any damages or anything caused by the cats. When we got our two they then proceeded to rip up the carpets, so we’re looking forward to paying for that when we move out!

A couple of months later, we adopted our two tlfrom The Scratching Post Rescue in Waltham Abbey, which is a little bit outside London.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your advice, everybody - all incredibly helpful!

Feeling pretty confident we’ll be able to welcome a new addition to our home sometime soon, so will you keep you updated :heart_eyes_cat:

We’ve got our paws crossed!!