Rescue vs. Buying from a Breeder

Hello all!

You might have seen my post recently about persuading our landlord to let us get a cat, and fingers crossed I think we might have wangled it!

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas about where we could look to find our new addition? My heart has always been set on adopting a rescue, but a lot of the centres we’re looking at specify the kind of garden/need for a cat flap, which is the one part our landlord is hesitant to agree to! I’m a bit worried we’ll be rejected by a rescue on these grounds, so we’ve started expanding our horizons and are looking to perhaps buy a little one!

Does anyone have tips on what to look for in a good breeder? You see so many scams etc, hear horror stories of irresponsible breeders, and I want to make sure we do things properly - it’s only fair to the cat in the end, isn’t it? I’ve always had a feeling that when we bought my mum’s cats for her, the breeder lied about their age and they were taken from their mother too soon, so we’re keen to avoid anything like this!

I feel like you lot will be the best people to ask, so please hit me with your sage advice/any suggestions!

Elissa :paw_prints:


Hey Elissa! I would always recommend rescuing a cat- the love is the same no matter what breed they are :blue_heart:

You could also try adopting a cat with FIV- they need to be kept indoors, so no cat flap wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

I rescued mine and she is indoors, shelters profile cats to know what they require, so even though outdoor cats outnumber indoor cats in shelters they still are quite a few.
Another thing you could do is wait for heat season (twice a year) because sadly the shelters get swamped with pregnant cats and litters, so you could adopt a little one and raise him as indoors. As long as they have enough space to play and run they are happy.
Finding a reputable breeder is hard but not impossible; I would keep away from a sites like the gumtree and such. Maybe you could ask few Vet Practices as they will have pregnant cats/litters as patients, see if they are available to buy/adopt?
Some practices, like the one I take my cat to, have boards where you can pin ads, maybe you can pin some Re looking to get a cat?

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Thank you so much for your suggestions, Pat :blue_heart:

I had the same issue - live in a flat with no garden & rejected by UK rescues. I ended up adopting from abroad and highly recommend it. My cat came from Romania. The adoption fee was £100 including transport to the uk and she is the friendliest cat.

If you end up going for a pedigree don’t buy anything off that awful website pets4homes - full of backyard breeders. Decide which breed you want & contact GCCF registered breeders. It will probably take a while.

Strawberry cats rescue are pedigree cats rescue and they only adopt indoors cats.

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Miss Cane sounds like she’s one lucky cat :yellow_heart:

Great suggestion - thanks Darena! :heart_eyes_cat:

Hi! Do you know any more adoption centres that you can recommend? Preferably around Berkshire area. Thank you!