Senior cat care

Here’s one for all those cat parents with sweet old ladies and gentlemen purring away on the sofa:
Tips for caring for the senior cat -

Who here has a senior cat, and how old are they?


My boy Juvy is going to be 14 at the end of the month (doesn’t seem possible)

He’s in not too bad shape. He suffers from the odd bout of pancreatitis so he does have special biscuits to help with that and actually the KatKin food has been good for him too. My biggest problem is he’s a big boy and the vets want me to get weight off of him. But he is the old gent snoozing in the sun patches and by the radiator so he doesn’t like to move and chase things as much. He LOVES his food and has always been a piggy since the day I got him. :joy:

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What a distinguished gentleman!

We’re glad you’re finding that KatKin is working for Juvy - if you’re struggling to shift some of the pounds, we could maybe look into reducing his pouch size for you?

Do let us know, we’d be happy to help :heart_eyes_cat:

Hi there,
I’ve logged in and changed his pouch size down to the lightest calorie option. So I’m hoping this may make a difference, I’ve spent no end of money on toys, laser pens all sorts and he’s just not that interested. I think my best hope is tackling it from the food angle. I love my boy to bits but he is a lazy thing hehe. I want him to be as happy and healthy as he can be, I used to pre C19 take him to fat club at the vets before he started Katkin but he lost really tiny amounts. Not much. :grinning: :heart_eyes_cat:

Bless him!

Perhaps with the weather turning, he might be a bit more inclined for some play? After the winter we’ve all had, I can’t blame him for wanting to sleep through it all :joy_cat:

Do let us know how you get on with the smaller pouches, got my fingers crossed that we can help him shift some of the weight!

He’s like it most of the year, in the winter it’s sleeping by the radiator and in the summer it’s snoozing in the sun patches :rofl:

He basically moves to eat or go to the loo. He’s a lazy bones. Can’t say I blame him either really.

I’ll let you know how it goes, hopefully it will do the trick.

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It sounds like he’s earned a bit of snoozing in the sun :smiley_cat:

Do keep us updated!

Here he is enjoying some radiator heat.

Your Juvy sounds and looks a little bit like my cat Mila! She lounges and sunbathes most of her days too. (Lucky cats!)

She is like a little heat magnet, anywhere warm and that is where she will be :joy_cat:

Juvy is definitely a heat magnet too.

I’m very envious of his ability to just loaf in the sun all day without a care! :rofl::joy_cat:


Hi there!
I am new to katkin.
My cat will be 19 at the beginning of May. He has liked the first pouch of katkin then decides he does not want anymore, my solution has been blend it with a bit water and give him with a syringe, he licks it of the syringe and so far it has been more successful than leaving it on his bowl :blush:

Hi yolimonster!

19 is a very old age! I am so pleased you’ve found a method that works for you and your cat :yellow_heart:

If you need any more tips and tricks to get your cat eating, please do let us know :yellow_heart:

Christina :paw_prints: