So fussy am losing the battle!

Sox and I are ten weeks into our battle to convert her to KatKin, the only flavour she will consistently go for is Oink. All the others are a real trial and I have to coax her by bribing her with toppings (Not the KatKin sprinkles as she doesn’t like them either!). Have tried all the recommendations to no avail. Its like having a fussy child back again :rofl: :sleepy:

Hello! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having a bit of a struggle with Sox :broken_heart:

As I’m sure you’re aware, cats’ natural instinct is to be extremely suspicious of anything new, especially when it comes to food - so introducing a new diet can take time and perseverance. Well done on sticking it out thus far, that’s often the hardest bit!

If you’re finding that the only recipe she’ll happily eat is Oink!, then that is absolutely fine - each of our recipes is designed to be 100% nutritionally complete as a standalone offering, so she won’t be ‘missing out’ on anything if she just receives one recipe in her monthly box. We have a lot of cats who are only fans of a single recipe, so it’s definitely nothing to worry about!

Do keep us updated, and know that the whole KatKin community is behind you and here to help :blue_heart:

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