Something KatKin, Something Blue

Hey Chatters,

Here at KatKin, we’re a little bit obsessed with all things blue. Namely, all things KatKin Blue (Pantone missed a trick not naming it one of 2021’s colours of the year, in my opinion) :blue_heart:

So for today’s photo thread, we want to see your photos, and there’s only one rule: it must include something BLUE

P.s. Russian Blues are most definitely allowed, as not only are they incredibly beautiful, but they’re also one of my favourite breeds.

I’ll get the ball rolling….


Double points for a blue cat and a blue ball of string, right? :thread:

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Do my blue jeans count? This is Ollie as a kitten and I can’t quite believe she was ever this SMOLL!!


Hendrix is rather cool for cats in his blue sweatshirt .

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I can’t work out what I love more - his name, his diamond-studded collar, or his fab blue sweatshirt! :blue_heart:

Hendrix is definitely one cool cat. Top marks!!