Sprinkles - my cat doesn't really like them

My cat doesnt’ seem to like the sprinkles maybe because he’s not such a fan of the poultry products. Could there be a checkbox perhaps on the ordering screen to select to include them or not as I’v e got about 8 jars in the cupboard now! I occasionally try them again, but he seems less than keen. I did ask the lovely customer services to stop them coming in the box but they only stopped for one box and in the last one I got 2 jars.

Keep up the good work the products and service are fab! Just don’t want to waste good sprinkles that other cats might enjoy!

Hi Carmen,

Thanks for your post. I’ve had a quick look and can see you are marked down for no sprinkles. Sorry about the jars you’ve received so far, most cats would be in heaven with 6 stocked jars of sprinkles but I see George is not a fan! Not to worry, no more jars shall go to waste as we have double-checked this for you.

We are always improving our site, checkout flow and cat parent portal so thank you for the feedback we really appreciate it :blue_heart:

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THanks Shaianne!

I love the new cat-details section on the website - it’s much better now than it was :+1:


My cat loves the sprinkles - I would buy them off you as he goes through them really quickly!


Sprinkles will be available to purchase as an add on to your box soon! :blue_heart:


excellent! My luca loves them and will need them more now that splash isn’t going to be available!

We’re so sorry about Splash! :broken_heart: :fish:

Hopefully it will be back in not too long, and in the meantime there’s our Salmon recipe to get excited about - any guesses on what it will be called??


When can we expect the salmon without chicken? Another question, what are the Sprinkles made from?

Well wouldn’t you know it… cats… I ask you! Yesterday George was meowing at me despite having leftovers of Moo! in his bowl so I thought lets give it a try and sprinkled some sprinkles on the remaining food in front of him.

He then ate it!!! (rolls eyes). @Ceal I think the sprinkles are freezedried chicken.

thanks Carmen. My Mario doesn’t need them which is lucky that I haven’t needed to give him any, because chicken is one of the foods he isn’t meant to eat. Vets advice.


Our Sprinkles are made of 100% chicken, would you believe it!

The yet-to-be-named Salmon recipe is free of chicken, so might be worth a try with your little one @Ceal - the full ingredients are salmon, pork, heart and pork liver :fish:

Elissa :paw_prints:

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@carmen That’s the magic of Sprinkles for you :heart_eyes_cat:

Elissa. Hurray, I must add the salmon to my next order. I know it will be a winner with Mario.

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Keep an eye out for news of the launch soon - we’re not exactly sure when yet (lots of things to do to make sure it’s completely tippy top), but we know we have a lot of cats eagerly awaiting the new recipe :fish:

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George said to tell you he can’t wait. :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I do, just add a few more sprinkles. As I’ve run out I have purchased freeze dried chicken chunks from the pet shop and ground them up. Be great to be able to purchase them from you soon!

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Luca will love that I’m sure

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That’s an absolutely great idea!

Do look out for our Sprinkles add-on - I believe this should be dropping very soon :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

The Sprinkles do not last long enough for our cat as he loves them and have requested to buy more - but the request to buy more sprinkles is not yet available…

this is great news! I’m convinced my girl is allergic to chicken and I had to keep her away from her brothers splash even though she loved the smell! now she can have a fishy fix too yay!

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