The BEST cat name ever?

I don’t want to jinx things, but I may be in a position to bring a new furry friend into my life soon, (touch wood, landlord dependent) and it’s got me thinking about the perfect cat name.

What’s the best cat name you’ve ever heard?

We do get to hear an amazing array of cat names working for KatKin, but I want to hear more!

Fun fact: We have 6 cats in the KatKin Club called Chairman Meow :joy_cat:

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Agreed that working at KatKin definitely means you get to hear all kinds of weird and wonderful cat names!

I think my favorite i’ve come across (so far) is Crackerjack or equally any cat name with ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ put in front of it always gets me as I’m sure most of you would agree all cats likely see themselves as royalty😹

I knew a cat called Ham once - I rather liked it!

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This is our boy. He’s an ex rescue and his name is Hamish. He is known as Tubs because he is a little portly. He loves KatKin.

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Hello Hamish - what a handsome boy! :heart_eyes_cat:

I find that nicknames tend to take over the real name, that’s certainly the case with my Fig - aka Figgy Pudding!

Hamish or Tubs, we’re so pleased he’s loving being part of the KatKin Club! :yellow_heart:

My friend named her BSH cats Clouds and Pom, they’re squishy and cute and I’ve always loved their names.

We have kittens arriving this week and they will be Claude (grey tabby) and Momo (peach tabby).

Our old cats, twin ginger brothers, were Fred and George after the Weasley twins (named by my kids! We also have Ginny and Lupin (dogs) and have had an assortment of guinea pigs and chickens also with HP names).

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When My little BSH blue kitten arrived we called her Prudence kitten. Few weeks on she went to be spayed. Vet called to say she was a he :scream_cat:Suddenly a new name needed ending in “ence” as she knew her name very well. She became Clarence. A few months have passed and Clarence is large. So most of the time we just call him “ Big Boy”. Whatever happened to that little blue Prudence Kitten :smile_cat: