Tips for newbies please?

Hello there,
I have a super fussy cat addicted to crap food! :slight_smile: tried countless brands of ‘natural’ food not to avail…
Yesterday for the 1st time she ate the Cluck one hurrah! :smile:
I learnt:

  • She dislikes the sprinkle thingy, won’t eat anything touched by it.

  • She dislikes when I heated it a bit, or if it’s cold. She accepted when I took out of the fridge an hour before meal time, so room temperature like her old food it is. :roll_eyes:

  • I sprinkled it with Whiskas Crunch crap, so yes I tricked her! But it worked.

Any tips from you would be highly appreciated as she didn’t touch the food today (Mooo)

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Hi Pat!

Well done for sticking with it so far - cats are naturally very suspicious of anything new, so changing their diet is no mean feat!

Here are our top tips as promised, I’m sure you’ll have tried some already, so please forgive me the repetition!

  1. The number one tip for transitioning to a new food with a fussy cat is perseverance. It takes time for cats to adjust to new things, as they are inherently suspicious of change! After you’ve slowly introduced KatKin over 10 days, try serving only KatKin for 2 consecutive days. Don’t give your cat the option of their old food - if you let them choose, they’ll instinctively choose the familiar food vs new food. (Don’t worry about your cat going ‘hungry’ - cats in the wild often go many days in between meals as a consequence of being hunters!)
  2. Another method that can help with a tricky transition is switching up how you feed your cat. Try leaving out ‘micro meals’ - very small portions of KatKin - multiple times a day. This more closely mimics how cats ancestrally ate. And changing the food every few hours will ensure it remains super fresh and appealing.
  3. Change where you feed - If these tips don’t give you results, try changing where you feed your cat. A new feeding spot can help to reset your cat’s expectations - make sure to pick somewhere they are comfortable though!
  4. Depending on the texture of food your little one is used to, you could give their KatKin a bit of a ‘squidge’ with a fork, to mimic that pate-like texture.
  5. A final tip to help convince your cat to try KatKin is using catnip. Catnip contains an essential oil which cats love - it boosts their mood, and could make them more open to trying a new, unfamiliar food. Spray/rub some catnip in the room where you feed, 3-5 feet from the bowl (but don’t put it in your KatKin!).

I hope some of the above is helpful, please do keep us updated :heart_eyes_cat:

Elissa :paw_prints: