Training cats - yay or nay?

Hi all!

Has anyone ever tried to train their cats? What did you teach them?

Or if you want to teach your cat something, we’ve published an article about it - the key is pawsitive reinforcement! Have a read here, and let us know your thoughts on training cats in the replies.

He’d never do it for anyone else, but my Dad seems to have developed a knack for getting our cat to play ‘Fetch’ with him! :joy_cat:

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I’d love to try this! There’s a KatKin cat called Gnocchi who is learning to be an acro-cat! I love to follow his Instagram account here

When Bob the cat goes out in the rain when he returns through his cat flap he calls to me or my husband to pat him dry with his towel…so I guess he’s trained us :face_with_monocle:

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we’ve trained our cats (one passed away last summer) to sit and beg, not for entertainment purposes, but more so for discipline. When they were kittens, they were absolutely desperate for food and would put their paw on their food bowl and tip the whole lot of food on the floor. Didn’t bother them of course, they’d just eat from the ground! But with treats, they would also have their claws out when grabbing for treats and eat from your fingers. We were concerned that adults or children not used to cats’ sharp claws may find it uncomfortable or distressing and have a bad impression of cats, so we trained them using dog style ‘tricks’ to sit for their food bowls (all 4 paws and bum on the ground, front legs straight) or to ‘beg’ for treats (bum on the ground, but front paws up).

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I have trained my kitten not to jump on me with his claws but instead sit and put his paw on the toy he wants to play with. He has trained me to play with him when he puts his paw on a toy and looks at me.
I have trained my cat to walk in a harness and lead using a mixture of treats and by associating the harness with playing with one of his favourite toys (ie only playing with the toy when he has the harness on).i haven’t tried it outside yet though.

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Willow is 6 months old and I have been training her since I had her at 6 weeks from Cat Protection. She now knows that when she comes in after being out for awhile she gets a treat and rushes straight to where they are kept, so I guess she is now training me. She comes to her name and I have trained her by using a squirty water bottle not to go where I don’t want her, especially out of the date to the road. She also understands No, but is sometimes deaf to it. :rofl:
My last cats were 23 when they died and they were trained to a point, but not as much as Willow. She enjoys scatter feeding games and we are now in a routine of playing before I go to bed and at times during the day when she is not asleep.
She also has trained me to turn on the cold tap when she wants a drink in spite of always having bowl of cold water to hand. She is very entertaining.

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This is brilliant, Jenny! It sounds like you have both trained each other very well.

We read an article that cat’s know their names but choose to ignore us, but it sounds like Willow is bucking that trend :smiley_cat: