Variety of flavours

Our sample box contained only three flavours. How do I arrange to have all flavours included in my next box?

Hi Helen!

With the help of Dr. Justin Shmalberg, we’re personalising our Fresh meals even further by launching new recipe ranges formulated specifically for certain medical conditions and life stages.

This project is hugely exciting to us, but it will involve a little rockiness in the interim. To begin with we’ve had to take “Mooo!”, “Oink!” and “Baaa!” recipes off the menu for kittens, as these will be changed for our golden oldies who need lower levels of minerals. This is why Nip is unable to choose these in his recipe selection at the moment.

We are currently working on creating kitten-specific formulations across all of our recipes, and so we promise to have new recipes for Nip to choose from very soon.

Each recipe is always rigorously tested, and we would never send anything out that was less than the best for our cats, so we hope Nip doesn’t mind bearing with us in the meanwhile! :yellow_heart:

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Hi, Have you thought of doing a ham flavour. Willow loves anything to do with ham! :grin:
I am aware that the salt content of supermarket ham can be high so I check the labels and find the lowest then she gets a little taster as a treat. Trouble is she loves it so much she sits by the fridge waiting for it now!!

Hi Jenny!

It sounds like Willow would be a huge fan of Oink! :pig:

I promise we’re working very hard to get it on the menu for our kittens, and hopefully you can stop having to share your ham very soon. :joy_cat:

Thanks for feedback x

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Hi when will you bring back the fish recipes? I am really struggling to get my cats to eat anything else. It’s a daily struggle since splash has been taken off the menu.