What has happened to the fruit and vegetables?

I probably should have noticed this before but I’ve just realised that the recipes no longer contain the fruit and vegetables that they first did. Did I miss an update on this or has it just happened and can I ask why?

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Hi Ziggy,

The removal of the fruit and vegetables was done in response to lots of feedback we’ve received from our KatKin Club parents - we’re aware we talk a lot about cats being obligate carnivores - something we strongly believe the science of and we chose that we wanted to back this up with our recipes.

The fruit and vegetables we previously added were very minimal (less than 4%) and were not a core source of nutrition, so your cats’ meals are still balanced and complete and contain all the nutrients they need to thrive and live their best nine lives :yellow_heart:

Interesting. I thought the concept was that when the wild cat ate the animal, it ate the contents of its intestines and so also consumed the fruit / vegetables that its prey had eaten? Phoebe always enjoyed her peas and carrots!!

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Hi Clare,

You’re right, we did include fruits and veggies for this very reason! As a young company we’re always open to growth and change, so after extensive feedback we realised we talk so much about cats being obligate carnivores, yet we included ingredients that weren’t meat! :meat_on_bone:

It’s still safe if you want to give Phoebe a few peas and carrots, and we’ll be providing all the meaty essentials she needs to do all a cat should do. :heart_eyes_cat: