What's it all about Alfie?

I’m Gill and this is my handsome, gentle Maine Coon, Alfie. Sadly Alfie hasn’t been too well over the last 12 months or so being diagnosed with IBD and megacolon. We had to change his diet from commercial food to fresh fish with fibre and other supplements and he couldn’t eat flavours he had before, so no more of his beloved tuna! I found Katkin, and he loves it and it really suits him.

Recently Alfie has been diagnosed with cancer and had his spleen out last week which was beginning to impact on his already fragile colon. He’s been through so much and never complains. He’s such a good boy and we’re cherishing every single day with him.


Well Alfie is an incredibly handsome gentleman :heart_eyes_cat:

We’re so sorry to hear about his recent diagnosis, and hope he is recovering well post-op. He sounds like an absolute soldier - he’s also incredibly lucky to have some wonderful cat parents in you and your other half, Gill!