What's Your Flavour? 🐔

Couldn’t be more simple, really - please let us know your cat’s favourite KatKin recipe!

My mum’s cat Kenny was an absolute Splash! devotee (but let’s not talk about that too loudly, he still hasn’t forgiven us for taking it off the menu…), but he’s now discovered an absolute love for Gobble!

Which of our KatKin recipes gets your little one’s tastebuds tingling?

Are there any other recipes you’d like to see? Please tell us below!

:chicken: :pig: :cow: :duck: :sheep: :turkey:

My Clawdius was a street cat, god knows what he ate before I found him but he stank of fish! He absolutely loves his Katkin - every flavour - & lets me know loudly and relentlessly when dinner time is.


Nero loooooves Baaaa! but I think he is an equal opportunity cat- he doesn’t really mind what flavour it is as long as it’s KatKin :blue_heart:

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Clawdius sounds like a cat after my own heart :heart_eyes_cat:

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Flossy loves Oink and Quack!! After eating she sits licking her lips for ages!!!

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Oink! and Quack!, what a fab duo :pig: :duck:

Oink! and Quack! with the odd treat of Moo!
Would love to see more chicken free recipes! Especially a rabbit one!


That’s a great idea - especially since I believe that Chicken is perhaps the most common intolerance for cats?

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it on! :yellow_heart:

Flavours I’d love to see… maybe a mix of two? Say, lamb & beef or chicken & duck (or adding some new flavours like chicken & shrimp) :yum:

P.S. Has Quack been taken off the menu permanently? I only ask because it’s my cat Minnie’s favourite at the moment, and her favourite before that was Splash… She’s starting to think KatKin have a vendetta against her :rofl: :blue_heart:

Venison might be a good one :deer:

Shrimp would definitely be an interesting recipe - I’ll be sure to pass it on!

Minnie - we promise we’re working on getting Quack! back on the menu as soon as we can find a new supplier who can provide the quality you deserve :yellow_heart:

P.S A new fish recipe is in the works that I’m sure Minnie will approve of…:fish:

Sounds like Miss Cane has refined taste buds - I’ll be sure to pass on your suggestion! :heart_eyes_cat:

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