Who can recommend some fun cat toys?

Who can recommend some fun cat toys? We’re worried that now we are back to work and school, Mr Rochester is going to get bored by himself! But don’t recommend that flapping fish that was all over Facebook! Utter rubbish and now in the bin… any suggestions? Or should we leave him to sleep in peace ?!

I don’t think we’ve found Gordo’s holy grail of automatic toys yet, as he always wants to play with us (which in this WFH climate fortunately we can still offer). It will be good for him to learn to entertain himself occasionally though, so I’ve started introducing him to automatic toys just like you.

So far, the one toy he occasionally goes back to is this Catit Super Circuit that I’ve placed around his cat tree. It took him some time to warm to it as he didn’t really get it at first.

The one that hasn’t worked that I had high hopes for was one of those rolling balls with feathers attached. Gordo loves chasing feathers on a fishing rod AND chasing paper balls when we’re playing with him, so I thought this one it would be a big hit - but he’s not fussed at all.

One thing I wish would exist, is a well built concealed motion toy - similar to the one pictured below but with better fabric on top so it’s more satisfying for the cat to pounce on. If anyone has come across anything like it I’d love to hear experiences


thanks so much for this! looks super fun and i will order :grinning:

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Hi!! I bought a ball race from CatIt. It connects together in many different ways but my Flossy enjoys it being a total oval shape. It comes with a jingly ball but I also put in a movement activated flashy ball (from CatIt. ) My cat lies in the middle of the oval and shoves her paw in the tunnels to push the balls round. I also have a USB charged robotic toy (bought on internet so just Google) which is a cylinder with rubbery wheels. It rolls over multiple surfaces, spins and changes direction. It flashes different colours and has multiple dangly attachments. After a while, it switches itself off but then randomly restarts unless you switch the button off. Great fun!!!

Another vote for the Catit Super circuit here! Nero enjoyed his very much, but he really does tend to prefer toys on the cheaper end of the spectrum! Nero’s all time favourite is an old fashioned elastic hair band- he’ll put his paw on one end of the hair band, and then pull at it with his teeth- hijinks ensue!

He also very much enjoys chewing on a wooden spoon (liberated from the kitchen for that purpose- do I actually have a dog?!) and chasing balled pieces of paper. His greatest fun however, is jumping on a sleeping human!

The other thing Nero is very much enjoying at the moment is this bell - I’ve been training him to ring the bell for treats and so far he’s learnt VERY quickly :joy_cat:

I bought one of these from Lidl’s pet week last month, and would definitely recommend if they come back in stock!
It was only £10, and it is super sturdy with the cover and attachments. It also has 4 modes and an auto shut off after about ten minutes so is good for batteries!

Unfortunately might be a wait with Lidl but would keep an eye out as it’s an absolute winner with my cats

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Chetta loves any ball game and will play with those for hours, as well as with Fat Cat Crazies. She also has a playmat that is just the best fun, probably the best thing I have bought for her: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ripple-Activity-Play-Thermally-Insulated/dp/B08DKTCC94/ref=asc_df_B08DKTCC94/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=463063578175&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=14664540445340616830&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006565&hvtargid=pla-938489883777&psc=1


Zak loves to raid hubbies fish fly tying box as there are lots of feathers🪶 and things like the occasional dried tail which he loves in there buy a few bits as cheap toys to get they’ll love!

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Oh my goodness! There are some brilliant suggestions here!

Christina :paw_prints: