Who's tried Gobble!?

Did anyone treat their cats to a little turkey this Christmas?

Our Gobble! recipe was just the thing to spread a little festive cheer this season, so we want to know who gave their cat a traditional Christmas feast?

Yep we gave Phoebe a Gobble pouch on Christmas Day. It’s one of her favourites!!


Monty likes it! At the moment he goes of things on a Wim one day he’ll eat it another day he won’t it can get a bit expensive when it won’t keep.
My cat has a mind of his own,

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Goggle is def a top favourite (second after Cluck!) so I hope Monty takes to it. Let me know if I can help with any tips. The best one is probably to try warm it up for Monty :slight_smile:

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Yes Monty likes both of those, and Baa. M&M


@Mary My Nero loves Baaa! best of all :heart_eyes_cat:

Monty is too picky for his own good, He’ll settle on one or two then go off them. He’s driving me crazy. M&M

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Luca not keen on Gobble

Yep - Gromit’s second fave is gobble - second only to cluck. And we won’t mention splash because he still looks at me as if I’m trying to poison him when I put the food down because it’s not splash (but then reluctantly eats it).

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Kenny is exactly the same, Sue - I daren’t mention the word Splash around him :joy_cat:

Greedy Clarence has suddenly gone off Gobble, he’s eaten it for months with no problem. Just recently he won’t go near it. We are talking about a cat that eats anything… All the other flavours he gobbles up quickly…Will have to change his selection pity Splash is not available that was his favourite

I’m sorry to hear that Clarence has gone off Gobble!, Betty - we do find our cats seemingly change their minds over a recipe sometimes overnight, and often come back to it after a little break :yellow_heart:

We’re hoping to have some Fishy-related news very soon, so do watch this space! :fish: